According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Jobs Report, seven of the ten fastest-growing job categories in the United States are data-centered: machine-learning engineer, data scientist, big-data engineer, full-stack developer, to name just a few… these are well-paying, exciting, challenging jobs. [ cite ]

Program Requirements:

10 courses + 1 capstone semester = 33 credits

Example Courses

Example Labs

Program Evaluation Core

Foundations of Program Evaluation I: Multiple Regression & Hypothesis Testing (CPP 523)

Foundations of Program Evaluation II: Research Design (CPP 524)

Foundations of Program Evaluation III: Advanced Regression Tools (CPP 525)

Data Science Core

Foundations of Data Science I: R Programming (CPP 526)

Foundations of Data Science II: Data Wrangling (CPP 527)

Foundations of Data Science III: Project Management & Collaboration (CPP 528)

Community Analytics : Data-Driven Models of Community Change (CPP 529)

Practicum (Capstone)


Example Graduate Analytics Courses Across the University

You will select two electives from a list of approved courses (this list is not exhaustive and not all of these are available - the list is meant to provide examples of the types of courses that count for electives).


Example Capstone Projects


Example Schedules

Online courses are 7.5 weeks long and organized as two sessions (A and B) each semester. A full-time student could complete the program by taking courses in this order:


Session A   Session B
CPP 523 Program Eval I   SWK 623 Applied Evaluation
CPP 526 Data Science I   CPP 529 Data Practicum


Session A   Session B
CPP 524 Program Eval II   CPP 525 Program Eval III
CPP 527 Data Science II   CPP 528 Data Science III


Session A   Session B
Capstone (15 weeks –> )   Capstone continued
Elective   Elective

Part-time students would approach the course sequences in a different way, and there are also certificate options for Program Evaluation (5 courses) or Data Science (5 courses).