The Consortium

Information about the emerging Data Science for Public Service Consortium in public affairs.



Schools of public affairs are increasingly incorporating data science into the curriculum to meet the demand for these skills:

  • Modern managers are often required to leverage data in problem-solving and manage the process of creating and integrating new technologies.
  • Employers in the public and nonprofit sectors seek graduates with the ability to both manage and deploy data as an asset that creates value for organizations and citizens.
  • Evidence-based practices requires ensuring data can be liberated from silos so that it can be used effectively in evaluation or performance systems.

All of these skills require updates to the traditional MPA/MPP curriculum.

The DS4PS Consortium is an effort to bring together schools of public affairs to build a community of data science professionals and identify opportunities for improving educational resources that support data science career pathways within our field.

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The DS4PS Consortium began as a collaboration between colleagues at Syracuse University, Georgia State University, Arizona State University, and University of Chicago Illinois (press release).

Formalization of the idea as a resource for all of public affairs has been supported by Public Interest Technology University Network Grants through the New America Foundation.

This work is part of the larger movement to define and support Public Interest Technology at an important historical period of rapid technological change.



If you would like to learn more or would like to get involved contact Cynthia Searcy or Jesse Lecy.

If you have questions about resources provided through this project you can open a GitHub Issue or post a question on the discussion board: